Friday, November 23, 2012

Our Thanks to You!

Our biggest sale before the holidays! Just use code THANKS25 at checkout. Go!

Offer expires on Monday, November 26 at midnight.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Our Paper Quilt Project in Country Living

Country Living likes our Paper Quilts! So much so that in the latest issue, they feature a DIY tutorial, complete with a pattern template as well as paper & frame sources. Check it out here.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

PAPER by Paperless Post

Recognize this little guy? It's Griffin! He's making his modeling debut in the Linda & Harriett for Paperless Post Holiday Collection. And, have you heard? Paperless Post just launched their PAPER line - a selection of their online invitations that are now available in paper! And just in time for those holiday cards. I think we may have to use this simple one. Pic isn't bad either, actually:) Done & done!

And check out the double thick card stock option from PAPER, above. I recently received a card that was too thick, if you can imagine. I love a good weighty card stock, but it was too stiff for a family holiday card - like board stiff. It's just not friendly feeling in the hand - not for a holiday photo card. But this one, above, from PAPER is the perfect amount of weight if you're looking for more than the standard thickness. It has tooth, weight, bends a bit, and the photo quality isn't compromised. Geez, I'm pretty picky huh?  :)

See the L&H offerings for PAPER by Paperless Post here (just holiday for now). And check out all our designs for Paperless Post here.

ps - Get 20% your PAPER by Paperless Post order here!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Print Aid NYC

I was asked to do a poster design for Print Aid NYC - a fundraising effort put together by artists committed to helping their neighbors & rebuilding their city. All proceeds go to the Mayor's Fund for Hurricane Relief, of which 100% of donations is dispersed to city relief efforts and organizations for food, water and hygiene supplies, as well as long-term relief and restoration efforts.

The theme for the posters is "light." I chose to handletter the poem Somebody Has To by Shel Silverstein with a brush & ink and had it whirl around the page among scratchy stars. It's a bit of an interpretation of light, but polishing stars with polishing jars and rags seemed to fit just right. 

You can see & purchase my poster here. ($30; limited edition of 50)

To see all current poster designs & learn more, visit Print Aid NYC here.

Monday, November 12, 2012


New project.

I love the varying ink saturation against the bright light of my computer screen.

More on this new work later.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Post Sandy

Our studio is in a building in DUMBO that is still without power (residential buildings are priority), and just this morning I found out they expect it back on November 9. Yikes. Those who have placed orders over the last week, please be patient.

We were lucky to not feel the effects of Sandy in our home in Brooklyn. And I am so saddened by all the neighborhoods, communities, businesses & families who are suffering right now without water, heat, clothes, a home, a bed. We made donations over the weekend to local shelters & will continue to do so as long as they need it.

If you're looking to help - big or small - please visit NYC Service for a comprehensive up-to-date list of organizations aiding in relief efforts all across the five boroughs. If you're local & wanting to donate clothes/goods, this post has good tips on efficient & effective donations during a disaster (ie no bikinis. Duh - but someone did at our donation drop off.)

...And a little reminder for us all: Our 64 year old nanny who was without power, heat & water said she felt like the man in this children's tale about being content with what you have. Worth a quick read or to share with children.

[NY Magazine cover, above]

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Post Storm Check In

I wanted to check in after this crazy week.

We were lucky. We never lost power in our home. Our neighborhood was relatively unscathed, just lots of branches & trees - a stark contrast to other neighborhoods so close to us. Our studio is in a building in Dumbo which is right next to the water. It's the building in the photo above - that's water in the street; those lights in the distance are of lower Manhattan - all before power went out. The building remains closed to tenants while they assess damage, so we're not sure when we'll be able to get in to & ship out orders. Until that happens, we're hunkering down at home, feeling pretty lucky to have power, water & heat. Thank you to everyone who's reached out to check on us. Can't say it enough - we're lucky.

I'll check in again soon.

[I saved this photo from a Dumbo neighbor, but don't know who.]