Monday, July 28, 2008

Ironman In Training: Going Long

One of my favorite things of our Ironman training is how much distance I can cover on a bike. I know that this should be common sense - but I didn't really think about it until we found ourselves in the Hudson Valley, north of the city - in these gorgeous lush hills. In running, you can really only get so far - unless you're doing some serious mileage. I love that I can get on a bike, be gone for hours, and have traveled 50-some miles - all on the power of my two little feet (and a pretty cool bike). I never really considered myself a bike person. It just seemed like too much hassle - with the helmet, the shoes, the tire-pumping, the extra tubes you have to bring in case you blow a tire. Nah, I'll just stick with my running shoes & sticking my key in my sports bra, thanks. It didn't help that for the first solid five weeks of training, I fell at every stoplight. Darn those clip-in pedals! But lately, I'm finally feeling it. I don't tip over anymore (knock on wood) and all the other stuff just doesn't bother me as much. I think I may just be turning into a cyclist. Or am growing up.

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