Tuesday, December 16, 2008

With Love

Every Christmas, I get the most amazing decorations from my friend's mother, who is not only like a mother to me, but is a dear friend, a mentor, and an inspiration in so many ways. She is a natural caregiver and mother and an extremely talented woman in her own right - photographer, painter, florist, quilter, decorator (you'd die to see the way she works the insides of her walls). Much of my aesthetic, my appreciation for the whimsical, and my attention to simple pleasures was shaped by her around the time when my mom passed away. She doesn't know it, but she filled a void in my life in more ways than being a mother-figure, a hand-holder, and a listener. She really allowed my creative spirit to come to life by encouraging me and showing me what was possible. I know that sounds really cheesy, but I believe it one hundred percent. I owe much of my creative confidence to her!

So now you know how much this incredible person means to me:) Above are these beautiful branches she gave us this year. They have lights at the tips that cast an amazing glow over everything. Seeing them in the package, I was worried they might have that LED blue-ish light that is way too strong for my eyes. But no, it's so soft and so pleasant. And the best part is, unlike our Christmas tree, I'll be able to have these up long after the holidays.

Thanks, N! We love you.


Kelly said...

what a stunning gift. and what a fantastic person to receive them from. sounds like she's the real gift. :)


southern daze said...

What an amazing gift - they're absolutely beautiful! She sounds like a true blessing and I'm thankful you have her in your life. We all need a few special someones to hold our hand and provide inspiration. Such a touching post - thanks for sharing.

Jane said...

those lighted branches are gorgeous, but your story was even better. how fortunate you are to have such a person in your life.

Anonymous said...

where are these from? i'd love to get some!

Liz Libré said...

Yes, she's a true gift.

I think the branches are from a store in PA called Terrain:


danielle leigh said...

these are beautiful! where are they from?? i would love to use something like this for my winter wedding next year!