Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yankee Stadium

Friends of ours took us to a Yankees game last night in the new stadium. I had only been to the other stadium once, but it was obvious that this one was seriously fancy. I was super impressed with the layout (lots of room to walk the corridor) and the food selection (Brother Jimmys BBQ, Johnny Rockets, a gourmet sausage stand & Carvel ice cream - we hit them all) and the gigantic screen in the outfield (even my failing eyes could see Hideki Matsui's face was 3 stories tall). And the Yankees logo wrapped on every carton - hot dog, fries, burgers - was pretty slick I thought. But with all the bells & whistles, I was surprised to see that their graphics were very much the same or similar. The Noise O Meter? The armless cartoonish white gloves clapping? Why? Everything else seemed so new & fresh that it just seemed odd to have this fancy screen displaying the same gimic-y graphics. Maybe I'm naive to the technology required for something like that - but it just seemed ill-fitting. Or maybe it doesn't even matter. The action on the field, the company by our sides and the food in our laps were all so good.

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amber of theambershow said...

Isn't it AWFUL?! We've gone to several games and I always think, "Couldn't they have gotten some designer to re-do that stuff?!"

It's not like they're strapped for cash.