Friday, July 10, 2009

From the Desk Fridays: Mad for Marble

Marbled paper. Does it make you think of making your own in 5th grade art class? or perhaps the Italian paper-covered journals collecting dust in your stationery store? or maybe you're like me and just don't like the marbled look. Or, I should say, didn't.

One trip to NY Central Art Supply today & I fell in love. The colors and textures are incredible. The marbled patterns vary in form - from peacock and rock-like to zig zags that remind me of Missoni knits. And because it's a handmade process, each one is unique. For a truly bespoke stationery piece, it would be top-notch.

1 comment:

Tommy said...

It's an interesting style that would look really cool with a simple, tonal card (maybe a muted gold in this case) or something totally contrasting, like a hot pink. Maybe even purple?!