Thursday, September 24, 2009

Anniversary Tradition: Wedding Day Stuff

Each anniversary (a whopping three of them!), John & I pull out something from our wedding day. For our anniversary last year, we looked through the album of polaroids taken in a make-shift photo booth. I love professional photos, but sometimes the best shots are taken from the hands of your 7-year-old niece or a friend who's six beers into the night. This year, we looked through our wedding album - crafted by the super talented and super friendly Stacey Kane. Stacey's work speaks for itself. I love the presentation of the album she put together for us - beautiful, but not precious - or 500lbs of leather. Looking through the album made me so happy - and so very grateful for that day.

See more of Stacey Kane's work here.

(And a side note re the claymation-looking dog: it was part of the Groom's cake, a surprise for John: his old woody station wagon with our dog peaking her head out of the window. Made by Brooklyn-based cake designer Jill Adams of the Cake Studio.)


Liz Stanley said...

beeeautiful!! I love the book you made and dying over your dress. It's amazing. :)

Tommy said...

So awesome. I love the illustrated shirts. :)

Unknown said...

breathtakingly beautiful!