Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vintage Wrapping Paper

How great is this wrapping paper I picked up at the Brooklyn Flea this week?  I don't think I can bare to use it, though.  (I'll never shake that paper/stationery hording thing in me.)  I love the patterns & wish they were on fabric.  Of course the crafting possibilities are endless with paper, but lately, I've been drawn to fabric - little pouches, drawstring bags, zip purses.  With holiday fabric in these patterns, I'd wrap up a wine bottle or make a little stocking or maybe some simple coasters or napkins.  (Making anything these days besides warm bottles seems a world away, but I'm looking forward to getting back there next month!)


Amber, theAmberShow said...

Fun! I know exactly where you got it from - I was looking through it myself.

Maybe they can be made into a cute decoration?

Tommy said...

Great finds! I don't normally gravitate to pink, but I think I favor it over the red this time.