Friday, June 10, 2011

Goodbye Home

One of my best friends left New York this week. I know it's the start of bigger & better things for her, and I try to focus on that to make myself feel better, but I miss her already. And terribly. We've shared several homes over the past 16 years - Pennsylvania, Maine and New York - and I feel a little lost knowing she's no longer a walk down the hall, a stroll across the quad or a quick subway ride uptown. I'm not sure what I'm going to do without her, but I think it involves being better at talking on the phone.

She recently posted some of her favorite New York snapshots & I'm re-posting a few of them here. Such great New York moments.

I miss you Miss Lizzy!!!! Go get em sister.

[All photos taken by Lizzy Sall.]


About Lizzy :: said...

I miss you already ! A new home wont be the same without you being there first. Love you so much. xoxoxoxo

giftsthatgive said...

I know the feeling, I cried like a baby when two of my best friends left Boston one by one. Don't you worry though, we'll take good care of Lizzy up here in New England!