Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hello Again. And Let's Get Our Holiday ON!

I've had a pretty rough November, to say the least. So I'm glad it's December & that I can focus on the spirit of the upcoming Christmas season - my mom & dad's favorite holiday. I know why they loved it (a time for all of us to be together & celebrate that togetherness) but I'm hoping to share with you over the next few weeks how they loved it - the hand-carved Santas they collected & adored, the lights they wrapped & wrapped & wrapped around trees, the ornaments they kept for over 30 years. They loved finding, decorating and preserving their Christmas treasures. And I'm hoping to share how I'm keeping these things (and therefore a piece of them) alive by bringing them into my own home. Until I get into it, I thought I'd quickly share the two gift tags I did for minted were just launched yesterday. Find them amongst my holiday card collection here. I purposely included non-traditional colors for both, but specifically the Chevron design so it didn't expire on December 26th. I also made sure to include the red & green color combo for people like my sister Kim, who can't get enough of it:)

See you again soon. And thank you for supporting me in this incredibly difficult time and being patient with me while I use this platform a bit to work through it.

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I don't think anyone will even need to be patient -- they'll be busy enjoying what you're sharing, and being thankful for being let in.