Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Bruce Hightlight: Words Not Sung

We went to see the tireless Bruce Springsteen last night at Madison Square Garden. Twice he came into the crowd and stood up on a chair about five feet from us. Crazy. But the point of me writing about this was the bigger highlight of the night for me & one that gave me chills - when he was reflecting on people who have passed away (possibly referring to his saxaphonist Clarence Clemons who died last year) and said to the crowd: All I know is, that if we're here tonight, then they're here tonight. That simple statement brought tears to my eyes & does now just typing it. I know he meant that in any way you celebrate someone who is gone, you are bringing them to life, keeping them here, with us in life. I've lost both my parents at a relatively young age, so for me to think about how this statement applies to me is both comforting & profound. To remember that I am, in fact, a literal part of my parents. And indeed, Bruce is so right: Me being here is them being here. So simple. Amen, Boss. And thank you for the reminder.


Anonymous said...

Love this, Liz! xoxo Ging

About Lizzy :: said...

Beautiful + so true. The Boss always knows how to say it.

Katie said...

So important to remember. XO,Katie