Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cowboy Griff

We were in Wyoming last weekend for my best friend's wedding - the most beautiful wedding I've ever attended, including my own. It was everything a wedding should be - so much shared love, committing to each other, supported by & cheered on by the closest of friends & family, a casual come-as-you-are vibe that puts everyone at ease. No dress code - other than the suggested Carharts & hoodies (she's run a horse ranch for an outdoor education program for the past five years) - the preferred dress out in WY. A sign-up board for bartending (John & our good friend took the 10:30pm shift) and a potluck dessert table (that included our friends' awesome homemade butterfingers!) helped keep it intimate & super special. We stayed in one of the only heated rooms on the ranch & Griffin was in absolute heaven - sticking his fingers in the horses' nostrils, giving the miniature baby donkeys lots of kisses, hamming it up in the cook house. Wyoming, we miss you. Congrats J&L - we love you! 

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