Thursday, December 6, 2012

Our Advent Calendar Sliding Door

Tada! Our advent calendar sliding door! 

After seeing a cute & seemingly simple DIY advent calendar on the blog A Merry Mishap, I was inspired to do something similar with our new blank canvas sliding door. I painted some trees on the door in a very pale blue-gray color, picked up some clothes pins at the hardware store, some kiddo party bags at the party supply store & painted the numbers on the bags. I filled the bags with little treasures - crayons, markers, a silly straw, stickers, chapstick (remember I told you he's obsessed?) & attached the pins with heavy duty sticky tack. I eye-balled the placement (I'm too lazy for the level & ruler) so some are a little off. Adds to the charm.

And best of all, Griffin loves it! "Six!" he yelled this morning. "I want to open six!" Bag #6 had stickers in it, which he promptly peeled off & stuck on chairs, himself & Daddy. Fun for all! 


Tommy said...

Super cute! Is that a live wreath?

Marry Me and Fly Free said...

I love this idea. Simple but so creative! Thanks for sharing.

Liz Libré said...

Thanks Tommy! Yes, it's a live wreath. So pretty.