Monday, April 8, 2013

So Big

Last week, Griffin officially turned two and a half, and today, Louise is three months. When I was little, I used to smile & laugh awkwardly when people who hadn't seen me in a while would say, "You've grown so much!" or "You're so big!" "When did you get so big?!" But now I get it. They couldn't help themselves. These little people grow so fast!

This is my last week of "maternity leave" and the temperatures are soaring into the seventies!!! so I'm excited to get outside with Louise. Griffin has brought home all sorts of germs this winter, so I'm really looking forward to the much warmer weather and hopefully way less colds.

[Above, Griffin playing with the snaps on Louise's shirt. Louise looking at me like: "Umm, yo, you gonna tell him my shirt's not a toy?!"]

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Chris W said...

They are both adorable! & Louise totally seems to be saying that! Ha :)