Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Girls Weekend

I had Louise all to myself this past weekend, and it was such a treat. The heat wave finally broke (thank goodness!) so we went for a few longs walks - in Prospect Park and in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I also took her into the pool for the first time! I forgot how noisy and bustling indoor pools can be - especially at open swim times, I guess. She had on her serious face, so we sat on the edge of the pool observing all the kids splashing and laughing. I eventually got in with her & she didn't totally hate it - a success I think! I have to say, I think 6 months might be my favorite age. I think I say that at every stage, but right now, there's no talking back, she's got pretty easy food requirements, and she loves  smiling. In some ways, it feels like she was born yesterday & I was pinching myself that she was here and that she was a she! But now of course I can't imagine life without miss Louise. I love this little big girl.

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