Monday, October 7, 2013

Griffin is THREE!

We had a weekend we'll never forget. On Friday, we went to his school where the class sat in a circle, with a little sun in the middle and Griffin carried a globe around three times while the teacher led a little discussion about what kinds of things Griffin could and couldn't do as a baby, one, two & three year old. (I think this is a Montessori thing - and I love it.) On Saturday, we had a little party with lots of friends, big balloons, a yummy Duncan Hines cake, homemade nutella & so many sweet gifts, including the skateboard from us. Yes, we (stupidly??) bought our three year old a skateboard. He's been riding one at the playground (on his knees of course) and loves it so much that when we asked what he wanted for his birthday, he didn't hesitate to say a skateboard (and a big pumpkin, which he also got). So, he's now got his own skateboard & is so proud he can ride it - even if that means backwards and on his knees. :)

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