Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Maine Wedding

I recently did wedding invitations for a couple getting married in Maine. I, too, got married in Maine and have a special place for the state in my heart - but these invitations have been my favorite to date. I actually told the bride I was jealous of the invitations and wished I had done something more like it myself! She was the one who mentioned the lighthouse near Boothbay Harbor. So I looked it up, drew a sketch, made the sketch into a stamp - and a few comps later, we had an invitation!

Their colors are chocolate brown and pink, but they still went with the blue & red suggestion I made for the invitations - and then for the programs, we used a subtle pink background:

This lighthouse stamp makes me want to find my way to Maine again very very soon!

Happy Wedding to Kristin & Ken!


Jane said...

just lovely - i, too, would be jealous ....

Liz Libré said...

Well thanks, Jane! I am also kind of jealous that she'll be in Maine next weekend. Ah, Maine.