Monday, November 5, 2007

NYC Marathon 2007

Yesterday was one of my very favorite days of the year in New York City. The NYC Marathon. I love and thrive off of the energy out there - of those pounding the pavement and of those watching, cheering, high-fiving anyone who's up for it. It's an incredible feat - for first-timers and many-timers alike - and still gets me choked up year after year.

It was especially meaningful yesterday because my dear friends Lizzy and Jenny ran their first marathon! It was thrilling be able to see them at our corner in Brooklyn - and then to jump in at mile 20, along with Lizzy's sister, and run the last 6.2 with Lizzy. I felt like a complete poser - but was happy to be playing the role of team support.

Problem is, I've got the bug now. It's been three years since I ran the 26.2 in NYC myself and now I want it again. Next year - game on!

Congratulations Lizzy & Jenny!! You did it!!!!!


Lizzy and Shannon said...

THANKS LIZ. Youre the absolute greatest. Not sure how I would have finished without these last few months and the last 6.2. Bestest friend ever. XO

Lizzy and Shannon said...

*without you that is.

Ria said...

Congratulations to all of those who finished the marathon (this year, or years past)! I think it's great that you jumped in to help Lizzy finish the race.

Marathon Sunday is also one of my favorite things that happens in New York. The amount of people who come out to support the runners is truly incredible and you really have to see it to believe it. I trained for a half marathon a few years ago and that was challenging, so I know marathon training must be even more so. They deserve and need all of the cheering they can get! I have my eyes set on running New York someday, the only thing standing in my way so far has been the lottery system...

Congrats again!

P.S. I could have sworn I saw Mrs. Ramsay running the marathon(you know from AIS!) random