Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sketchbook Envy

I've always tried being a sketchbook person - carrying it around with me, hoping I'll whip up some great drawings. But it's never stuck. I do carry a notebook wherever I go, but it's mostly filled with lists - to-do lists and idea lists along with the occasional stream of consciousness which I love to do on a subway ride. It's amazing how quickly your brain works while your hand tries so hard to keep up.

I came across these sketches from Paris Breakfast. Oh how I wish my hand could move like this. Plus, I'm dying to go back to Florence where I lived for 4 months in college - so these images of Venice really tug at my heart.


Unknown said...

I love the european notebooks with the squares. They remind me of my childhood..making drawings with my cousins in France.

Unknown said...

I just saw your wedding pics that are attached to the Faye and Greer site. They made me cry...your family looks so beautiful on that fairytale day.

Anonymous said...

I understand the sketchbook envy. I so want to be able to whip up watercolor sketches like that.. but I'm better to stick with flowers as my medium:) I heart Venice! I've only been there for a day, but I fell in love with that city more than any other place in Italy except maybe Sorrento.