Friday, May 2, 2008

Zig Zag Love

First it was the lamp posts, now it's the zig zag. I'm madly in love with the zig zag, and I see it all over the place now - cracks in the street, rugs of course, cobblestone walkways, umbrella frames, even the guy at the YMCA doing his basketball drill makes me think of the zig zag!

This stationery above (letterpressed in gray on front & offset printed in magenta on back) is part of our zig zag collection (envelope liners and notepads to follow) - and part of an invitation set in our wedding album that we're debuting at the show this year. I think I need some of this stationery for myself - to spread the zig zag love.


Jane said...

Love this! You've converted me to zig zag love. (and made me wish once again that I were going to the show.)

Anonymous said...

Love these!!!