Thursday, April 2, 2009

Snail Mail

I saw my friend Lizzy last night who had come up with the best 30th birthday gift for her sister: 30 days of care packages. How amazing is that?! I LOVE getting mail - mail sent with love, that is - not mail sent from conEdison. There is just no simpler or more genuine way to say I'm thinking of you. And 30 days of it?! Well that would just be heaven. Lizzy summed up my feeling of snail mail perfectly yesterday.

I love this block-printed paper that Shannon from rifferaff came up with. (Check out her new packaging for her handmade soaps, too!)


rifferaff said...

hey, super cool to see this here! i know you love a good zigzag. thanks!

Tommy said...

Oh my many great links from that one blog! I love the paper and the soap and the small business and the...

I sort of got a little sidetracked.