Thursday, May 14, 2009

Finding My Happy Place

I'm doing a million things this morning, getting ready for the big show. When I start feeling stressed, I turn on my 'hippie music'. I don't know what it is - but nothing soothes my soul like the Grateful Dead. I've got my Pandora Radio turned up listening to Row Jimmy right now and am feeling at peace as prepare for our NSS move-in tomorrow. I don't really get it -- but it works. What's your stress reliever?


Kate said...

Music soothes my soul and helps me work through the stress. I get some much more done when I've got the radio turned up. Allmans, Panic, The Dead, The Beatles and U2 are usually my choice add in some random 60's and70's music and I'm a really happy girl.

Tommy said...

Music-wise it can be anything from Norah Jones to Ray LaMontagne to the Dixie Chicks and The Cardigans.

Otherwise, chocolate.

Have fun at the show! You've worked really hard, and you deserve to have a good time.