Friday, May 29, 2009

From the Desk Fridays: Seeing Fluoro

I have been noticing a lot of fluorescent colors lately. I heard earlier this year that Jennifer Behr's fluoro headbands sell very well in Europe, which apparently means that that trend will hit the US about six months to a year later - or something like that. And then just the other day, was struck by the cover of Gourmet (usually am) and that same day, I read this article in the Wall Street Journal Style section about the Magenta trend for fall. I think I have a long way to go before I make a fluoro garb purchase, but I do like that we're breaking out of bland. It's so timely & refreshing.

Have a good weekend!


julia said...

i noticed the jcrew catalog had very fluorescent type color for their logo and then matching bright fluor. belts. But now I can't find the belts on the website so maybe I was imagining it.

Tommy said...

Ahh...Julia beat me to it. I guess the 80s thing is making another comeback.

Anonymous said...

i received my gourmet issue this month and actually thought that the font color was totally uncool. obviously blindly i'm unaware of new trends.
kudos gourmet, kudos!