Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Artists Work: Violeta Lópiz

And while poking around a bit more, I came across these works by Violeta Lópiz. Her descriptions are in Spanish, so I don't know the intention of the works, but I like the humor in them. See more of Violeta's work here.


Tommy said...

I didn't read a lot of the copy, but one thing I did pick out was, "I am a white dog."

It's really cool art.

Anonymous said...

ey! hello,
Im very glad that you choose some pictures of my work. Sorry because I don't translate to english the coments, this is a good typ.
I work for newspapers and children´s books, and the monkeys are selfportraits. More than "I am a white dog"(this is the tittle of a blog) is "I am a monkey". I live in Berlin and Madrid, lets make a exchange!, or a exchange of cookies, exchange of pictures... exchange of ideas...

Violeta Lopiz