Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Matta Scarf

I've loved these matta shawls ever since I spotted one in this Martha Stewart Living shot last summer. They always looked so light & cozy. I received one for my birthday last week & have not taken it off. I absolutely love it. I never knew I was such a scarf girl until the gift-giver pointed it out:)

Check out more Matta shawls at the cute online boutique Orange and Pear or over at matta.

[images courtesy of Earl Carter for Martha Stewart and orange and pear]


Liz Stanley said...


Tommy said...

Cool scarf! Plus, that interior scene--who woulda thought Martha? That chandelier is choice!

A French Cloud said...

what color did you get?! I love mine as well

Irina said...

So cute and I found a bunch of them in different Fall colors at http://tr.im/rWf6