Thursday, July 8, 2010

30 for 30

Aren't these some of the prettiest matches you've ever seen? (I love those olive green match heads!) The story behind them is even better.

You might remember me mentioning last year the genius idea my friend had to send her sister 30 packages for her 30th birthday - a package a day for 30 days during her birthday month. Who doesn't love mail - the non-bill/flyer/junk kind, of course. Am I right?? And now lucky me is the recipient of these packages, as this is my birthday month (and yipes! I'm turning the big 3-0!) and my friend remembered me loving this idea. (Okay, I might have even asked her if I could be so lucky to receive this gift:) But she remembered!) I had forgotten all about it until this little package arrived the other day with these cute matches & a note announcing the gift parade. (They were shortly followed by homemade chocolate chip cookies - my favorite!)

This has got to be the best birthday gift idea ever. I'm sure it takes a ton of planning & trips to the post office, but man, I feel like it's a surprise party every day.

Big hug, kiss, & thanks, miss Lizzy!


Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Such a great gift! Loving the packaging on these matches.

heather said...

Love this! The packaging is really nice and the gifts every day is so fun!!!

Tommy said...

This is an excellent idea. How were the cookies not super melty?

I love mailing baked goods, but I've always worried about meltage.

Liz Libré said...

Tommy -

You're right - they were a little melty - but like right out of the oven melty! They were perfect! :)


Anonymous said...

This is awesome. Way to go Lizzy! marie

Cat said...

Do you know where the matches are from?? I would love to get some!!

Desiree said...

that is awesome. I hope your enjoying 30!