Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Egg Sun Hat

I'm lucky to have a couple nephews just a few years older than Griffin, so most of the clothes we brought to Florida were hand-me-downs. But when I saw this sun hat by Egg in Lulu's for Baby, I couldn't help myself. I love this print & the little pocket on the side. Plus, I knew he'd be living in a sun hat all summer, and hats are essentially size proof anyway, right? Wrong! We get down there, and it's too small! The straps didn't even meet. This kid's got quite the noggin. Guess I'll be lending this to Griffin's newest niece or nephew, who's due in a couple weeks. And then I might just have to go back & get the larger one. It's really just so cute, isn't it?

[image courtesy of Egg]

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