Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy March!

March is John's birthday month, and he loves to ride his bike, so this month's design is my little shout out to him:)

A little note behind this design: I had the colors chosen from the very beginning - a bright greenish yellow & charcoal gray - but I toiled with the layout of the wheels for a good day, maybe two.  It was a little obsessive, but I'm happy with it.

And let me just say, thank goodness it's March.  One step closer to warmer weather.


Stephanie said...

I love the bicycle wheels! I was so excited to change my calendar to them today:)

Brittany said...

i almost forgot to turn the page! thanks for the reminder. i also love grey and yellow together

Unknown said...

I loved changing my calendar to March too!

katie hanson said...

this is soo cute! :)

I recently found your blog and i love it! i'll be checking back often! just a heads up: i'm having a quick giveaway on my blog for tickets to Pulse NYC and a gift bag from 20x200 if you're interested: http://www.kateandoli.com/2011/03/20x200-jen-bekman-gallery-and-pulse-nyc.html. thanks and keep up the awesome work! :) - katie