Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Wedding Invites: Please Vote!

I recently submitted nine designs to Minted's Wedding Invitation design challenge. As you know, I've discontinued my custom invitation work, so for me to be able to offer new wedding work in this way is a real thrill. And since I sometimes feel like I work in a vacuum, it's also really gratifying to receive feedback from other designers during the voting stage and then from Minted's customers via sales. But of course, none of these will ever go on sale if they don't get the votes! So, here goes my shameless plug: if you like any of these invitations, please click on it to vote for me! And leave comments below, too! Would love to hear what you like! Many many thanks for your support in this new venture.



Marissa said...

The designs are gorgeous. I love the ombre sunset, but I'm most drawn to the illustrated ones (though perhaps it's because I also paint and draw with watercolor ;) Good luck! I'll go vote!

Favorites are the blue lines, the geometric shapes,and the diagonal criss-crosses.

Liz Libré said...

Thanks so much for your feedback & your votes, Marissa!!!


DKochersperger said...

Done ~ voted on all. I love the Ombre/Sunset, Facet and Horizon is perfect for that beach wedding. Love your watercolors.
Best of luck!