Wednesday, May 23, 2012

NSS 2012: Best Honor Ever

Yesterday, Grace of design*sponge wrote up her first post on the National Stationery Show and said our 2013 oversized Quilt Calendar was her favorite piece of the entire show. Pardon the toot toot of my own horn here, but TOOT TOOT!

This calendar has been in my head for over a year, but I knew that not everyone would get it. (You have no idea how many people asked if this was the real size or just the size we were showing at the show. Wha???) It was a bit risky, and I wasn't exactly sure (as I never am) how people would respond. So Grace, a design blogger I love & respect, saying that it was her favorite piece at the show is the biggest honor I could ever hope for because it means that my audience gets it & likes it as much as I do.

Big big big thanks to Grace at design*sponge for getting it & loving it!

I'll post more pics from the show tomorrow, but check out Grace's first day's coverage here.


katie said...

Almost every post I see about the NSS mentions you and your paper calendar, Liz! Congratulations!

Erika {Delphine} said...

Liz, your calendar was my favorite piece in the entire show, too! Stunning super fabulous!!!

Sheila said...

I absolutely ADORE this calendar, and will definitely be putting it on my xmas list. And I don't even buy calendars anymore! Congrats on the D*S shout-out, I would be tooting my own horn, too!

olivia said...

Hello Liz,

Only 3 comments here? Wha? I've just spent the better part of my babies' naps researching L&H (going back to all NSS posts to '07). I got here after seeing your entry for the Print Aid NYC, where a few of my former classmates had some posters.

I saw your calendar in Charleston at the beginning of the month and then again in Coronado just before the end. (A blessed, coast-to-coast Dec!). EVERYTHING about your calendar is my fave. It's all I've ever wanted to do myself. You certainly have an eye for style. Maybe it's because it's 6 months from your debut, but I'm surprised you worried about people "getting it"—it seems the painted type, fluorescent, gold, and geometry is all everyone wants these days!

Anyway, I'm lurking in the shadows of starting my own thing and you are now officially my business idol. :) You make it seem so natural. Thank you dearly for the inspiration,


olivia said...
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