Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend Down South

I was at a wedding this weekend at the Greenbrier in West Virginia - a hotel with rich history and distinct decor thanks to Dorothy Draper. The look is pretty dense (patterns on nearly every surface), but I can't help but be attracted to the bold color choices & layering of patterns. My older sister wore a dress that matched the carpet so much we joked that we'd never find her if she passed out. The place is a feast for the eyes and for me, was a nice breather after a busy week at the show.


sarah said...

oh my goodness. what decadent fun! and crazy - my parents were there yesterday and messaged me similar inspiration as i worked on the paper quilt! what kismet!

Liz Libré said...

Sarah -

That is so funny that your parents were there! It was a hot weekend! But colorful & restful! I hope your parents had a nice time, too.


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That's really amazing!Love the details!Awesome inspirations!Wish your parents have a good time!