Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Notepads

We've added some new notepads to the Shop!

As you may know from me saying it before, I love notepads. I'm a big list maker. (Really, what woman isn't? What mom isn't?) And while I also use my online Teux Deux list, when I'm not online (and with a new baby two weeks away, I hope not to be!) I much prefer writing out my list by hand. Probably because I find the act of crossing it off from left to right - a big line striking through the words - to be far more satisfactory than clicking a checkbox or a trashcan icon. Maybe that's just me.

Anyway - we've got four new notepads: 2 quilt patterned ones (Fox & Geese in light gray and Amish Star in light blue) and 2 ink brushed notepads (a simple heart and "hello, sunshine"). I love writing over the pattered ones. To me, this is fun list making. (Total nerd.) But I also appreciate a clean white page - and for that, we've got the Heart Notepad, which makes any list or note more friendly and Hello, Sunshine, a phrase I say to Griffin almost every morning - and a nice little (sunny) phrase to have lying around. 

fold the notepad paper in half & pair with envelope for a quick thank you note

write on top of the quilt pattern


Sarah G said...

I love these notepads. And notepads in general. Here is my photo version: http://sarahgreigblog.com/holiday-product-kicking-it-old-school/

Happy New Year to your fam!

Swiss Cottage Designs said...

these are the best! love this size, well done and congrats on new baby!!!