Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Little Prince

My dear aunt passed away suddenly last week, just two days before she was supposed to visit us here in Brooklyn and meet Louise. She was a wonderful warm & selfless woman, and I am heartbroken for her husband (my mom's twin brother), her three boys and seven grandchildren. Another tradgic reminder of this short life, of our fleeting and precious time here. One of my favorite things I heard yesterday at her funeral was something she often said: "The best gift you can give people is your time." She truly lived this personal motto as a physical therapist for handicap children and as a devoted wife & mother, giving of her time always - time cut too short. She will be missed immensely.

Sometimes it's the words of others that ring the loudest in me. That is true for my aunt's sentiment regarding the gift of time, as well as this lovely quote from the Little Prince that I handlettered for Minted - a quote that helps me during an inexplicable time like this.


Tommy said...

This is a lovely tribute to her. She sounds like she was a wonderful person who leaves behind quite the legacy.

Chris W said...
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Chris W said...

I'm so sorry to hear that she passed.  She does sound like a wonderful woman who gave a lot of love while she was here. I hope all of the good memories (& pearls of wisdom!) help you through this time. Lovely quote from the Little Prince! I hadn't heard it before. I wonder if it's the laughter that make the stars twinkle? I'll look a little closer next time. :)