Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mr. Golden (not great for skin) Sun

After multiple trips to the dermatologist recently and a back that looks like a science experiment, I will never let myself burn again or have my skin exposed to sun for any extended period of time. (ps, this model above looks like she might have had a few painful trips to the derm lately too!) Luckily for fair-skinned folks like me, companies are well aware of the damage caused by sun exposure and are making (cute) clothing to help keep the sun off our skin. J. Crew has some great rash guards with a UPF of 50 (the highest rating for clothing) as does the sun protective clothing company, Parasol

See you at the beach! Under an umbrella, sunscreen applied, sporting a cute top like these here & my trusty wide-brimmed hat.

[top two images courtesy of J. Crew and bottom two courtesy of Parasol]

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