Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Maybe it's the prep in me - the girl who (surprisingly) never rolled her eyes at wearing ribbons in her hair for lacrosse games - or maybe it's the gift wrap lover in me - the girl who splurges on wrap and twine - but I love ribbons. I'm a firm believer that a simple ribbon goes a long way - and that it's a detail that never goes unnoticed. Not to mention it's ease of reusability (I think I just made up a word) compared to folded and taped wrapping paper.

When deciding what ribbon to use for our calendar and gift tags, I knew Midori would be the place and that their double-faced satin ribbon had to be included. These ribbons feel amazing to the touch and have the richest colors. We use them for our die cut butterfly & pig tags and I make a point to tell retailers, press and clients about them when describing the items because I think it's such a necessary point.

So apparently, my paper snobbiness has carried over into ribbons. And to your benefit, I say! :)


Anonymous said...

i love that special touch! I can never pass up good ribbon, it just has so many uses!

Alicia said...

I'm a total ribbon snob too...my problem is that I'm not sure if everyone appreciates really good ribbon so I tend to hoard it instead of actually putting it to good use! For the past couple of years I've challenged myself not to buy new wrapping paper and stick with what I have along with unconventional wrapping like fabric etc. That doesn't apply to ribbon though...I definitely stock up when I'm in NYC and in the trimmings district!