Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day at the Beach

I've said it before, I might be carrying my first born, but Kingsley is my first baby:) Judge all you want - it's just the way it is. We took our #1 baby to the beach this weekend, where she got to play in the bay with her other dog cousins. This photo above makes me laugh because both "retrievers" have ignored the ball and are retreating back to the dock:) Way to go, girls.

And for Mother's Day (or soon-to-be Mother's Day) John got me these:

My very first thought was, "Aww, so sweet!" quickly followed by, "That's an interesting color combination he chose." It took me a few minutes to realize he was going for the boy & girl colors:) since we're not finding out the sex. Very cute, huh?

In biz news, it's the week leading up the Stationery Show and I've got some prepping to do! Order forms, press packets, one sheets, samples, new L&H sign, supplies, van rental, picking out plants, ironing and proving more difficult than ever - deciding what to wear! My growing belly is making this last one a little tricky. Baggy jeans & loose shirt? too sloppy? or maternity belly-hugging dress? Might need to do a trial run.

And lastly, a big big thank you to you all for your sweet baby congrats comments. Makes it so much more fun & exciting to share this and to have your encouragement!

Off to prep!

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