Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wild Wild West

Hello everyone! I'm still a bit sleepy from long flight delays & getting in late last night, but I wanted to share a few horsie shots from visiting my friend who lives on & manages a horse ranch in Wyoming for the National Outdoor Leadership School. It was my last big trip before the baby comes this fall & I loved every second of being in the open sky, sunshine, cool nights, and even horsie-smelling air. I'm not very comfortable around horses (for some reason, I always feel like they're going to kick or trample me), but this trip had me warming up to the big guys.

This one, above right, is Leo. Leo came to the ranch last August as a wild mustang & is a total sweetheart. He came down with a little infection while I was there, so we were out in the pasture vetting him every day. Well, I wasn't - but I was petting him, which I'm sure helped:) That's his buddy Squirt, who stayed by his side the whole time - so cute. It's nice to be home, clean & showered, but I'm kinda missing these guys this morning.

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Tommy said...

Whoa up, pony. That scenery is so pretty! The sky is crazy blue. I'm glad you had a great time, Liz!