Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Introducing & Please Welcome Nicole!

I hired an assistant to help me while I was on maternity leave in the fall - mostly because the mental picture I had of myself fulfilling holiday orders with a 2-month-old on my hip was not pretty. And it's a great thing I did! Not only was I really sick post-baby & wouldn't have been able to do a thing for L&H, but I also got a star of an employee.

Nicole is awesome & has quickly turned into my right hand woman around here. She's an artist/illustrator who studied (and started out in) theater performance and costume design - a background I think you can feel in her work. Her Etsy shop, The Overstuffed Chair, showcases her illustrations - many of which are part of her '365 Project' - which loosely follows 365: A Daily Creative Journal by Noah Scalin. At the end of the year, half of her proceeds from all '365 Project' sales will go to Art Start, a non-profit in NYC that provides art education and outreach to homeless/troubled children in the city. Great project, great cause, great lady.

Stay tuned for more illustrated work coming to her shop this summer & read more on her blog, here.

Please help me formally (and by formally, I mean here on the ol blog!) welcome Nicole to L&H!

[above: a couple of my favorites from The Overstuffed Chair: Tulips and Bundle]


Tommy said...

Welcome, Nicole!! Your birthday cake drawing would make a great card. ;)

Unknown said...

Thank you! And, good idea:)