Friday, April 22, 2011

L&H for Paperless Post: Spring/Summer

I'm excited to announce that my Spring/Summer collection for Paperless Post is now available! I looove images of summer. Especially this time of year and especially this year. Because seeing fish, sailboats and lobsters means that pretty soon we'll be able to ditch the winter coats, not have to put on socks, and if we're lucky, spend the end of the day outside with ice cubes clinking in our glasses. Ahh, doesn't that sound so nice?

Check out the full L&H Spring/Summer collection for Paperless Post here.

Stay warm this weekend, my fellow North Easterners. And Happy Easter!


KC said...

These are amazing!! I am having a few parties this summer just so I can us them.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Thanks for making them great.