Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Clouds for Distraction

John and I recently took our first solo vacation while Griffin stayed at home with his aunt & uncle. (How nice are Aunt K & Uncle C?!) It was incredible time away - to be alone, to have nothing to do except to eat & not burn, to reconnect and disconnect. Getting there & back was the opposite experience. I hate to fly - really hate it. I had a bad flight when I was in high school and have been a nervous wreck on flights ever since. In the past few years, I've started taking photos out the window to distract myself & find it pretty soothing. Next to my noise-cancellation headphones, it's the best non-medicine. I loved the shadows the clouds were casting on the water, like in the above photo. It looked like a pretty ink-blot pattern as far as you could see. And then at other times, the clouds seemed to tie dye the sea. It was beautiful, really, and a welcome relief from the pounding heart in my chest.


jane said...

flying is terrible. but quick. (no fan of driving either)

Tommy said...

I love flying! But I understand the distaste. That's how I feel about driving/parking. Ugh. Those cloud pictures make for a lovely diversion.