Monday, February 13, 2012

Sweet Valentine from Simplesong

Like the saying goes, the way to my heart is through my stomach. But I think an important step in there is through the mail. There's no better 'thinking of you' gift than good old fashioned mail - in letter or package form. Nothing. Add a little something sweet in there, and it's a home run. Always, always, always.

Thank you to the lovely & talented Suann of Simplesong Design for making my Saturday extra special & sweet this weekend with this beautiful valentine.

(There were lots more salty caramels here, but it's been two days, so what do you expect? You're lucky there are still three left. They're even more delicious than they look.)

Thank you Suann!!


suann said...

you are most welcome, friend!

and your photographs are amazing!

Amanda Jane Jones said...

haha, we didn't get to photograph ours with caramels either! They were gobbled up within the day of arrival. :)

Tommy said...

These treats look awesome, but I'd almost trade them in for the awesome address lettering. SO nice!