Monday, May 21, 2012

NSS 2012: Quilt Cal Debut / Day 1

Here it is! The 2013 Quilt Calendar. A beast of a calendar at 26" x 40". It's hand screenprinted on 100# cover, 100% recycled stock, and hangs from two oak bars clamped together by two brass bolts & wing nuts. It's a statement piece that turns into frameable art print after the month has passed. I love this calendar so much & am so excited that it was so well-received on the first day. 

The highlight of the day was Lotta Jansdotter visiting our booth, pointing to the calendar & asking if she can get it. I was starstruck. I could barely answer. Luckily, I pulled myself together enough to mutter an obvious yes! I was so bummed that she left no more than 1 minute before my Swedish speaking husband (and child, sort of) arrived! I love when he can speak Swedish to people & I would have died for him to speak to Lotta! Like I said, starstruck.

But back to the show. John and Griffin came to visit, play with the calculator, and chase all the balloon animals around. It was a great day seeing all my favorite stationery friends! More to come tomorrow. 


Lauren O'Neill said...

Wow, Liz! That's so great!!

So nice saying hi yesterday—beautiful new pieces, as always!

amyelizabeth said...

Gorgeous calendar and I adore your booth walls!!! So creative and bold. LOVE!! :)

Thale Håmo-Bakkeng said...

Fantastic. I live in Norway. Where Can I get this?

Oni said...

your booth looks amazing

Erin said...

amazing! when will the quilt calendar be available?!