Wednesday, August 15, 2007

For Bride's and brides

I'm submitting some wedding invitation samples to Bride's Magazine today. Very exciting. Even more so that my older sister Kim used to work there. I remember when I was younger, I visited her at her office with my mom. It was so cool. There were clothes everywhere, head shots of models thumb-tacked on the walls, and everyone there was impeccably dressed. (Kim still wins my Best Dressed award. If I gave them out, that is.) I must have been 12, but I knew this place was hip - and New York, too, was hip. And I wanted to live there when I grew up. Fast forward 15 years, and here I am submitting my work there. Very cool for little me.

Here's another one I'm pretty proud of:

It's all hand-stamped with archival ink. The branch is a deep chocolate brown that I just don't think I'll grow old of any time soon - especially when stamped on this super-soft, white, deckled edge Italian paper. The reverse side is shown for both - a tea-stain color in a diamond pattern. The variation of color in this subtle color is beautiful - and something that really cannot be replicated in other printing processes. If I could do it all over again, I would go with something like this.

What do you think about a stamped invitation? I'm contemplating a complete transition to letterpress, but I love the immediacy and playfulness of the stamp.



Katie said...

I am CRAZY over the front of the invitation. I think it looks absolutely amazing. The placement of the branch is spot on. I am not a geometric shape type of girl, yet somehow it just all works for me.

Liz Libré said...

thanks, kate!

Mariss said...

I think it looks great. The stamped aspect and deckled edge on the paper makes it feel a little more casual, but with a touch of love. (In a non-cheesy way). But the sophisticated fonts give it an edge that brings it up a notch.

Overall, I think it looks great.

Liz Libré said...

Thanks Mariss. I really like it, myself. It's definitely a labor of love, that is for sure!