Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Old School Notepad

It's the first day of school, and you've got a backback full of new spiral and preferably perforated notebooks, mechanical pencils, and ballpoint pens. You think you are super organized, super smart, and absolutely capable of doing all your homework, turning it in on time and getting straight A's. All because of that (blank) notebook that sits on your desk. It's so clean, so undented, and just the perfect place for all the knowledge in the world to spew all over its pages. How could it not?

That's how I always felt, at least.

So, I decided to make a notepad from the index card/notebook lines that I love so much. A very simple, very handy, and very cool (I think) notepad. I think this one will become by new staple to have lying around. For all my wildly creative, amazingly talented, and highly lucrative ideas.


Jane said...

love this/want it!

Katie said...

I just ordered it. I love it!