Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Welcome John

Today is a very big, very important and very special day. Today is the day that my husband John officially joins me as my partner at Linda & Harriett. For so long, I've been doing everything myself - which has been both wonderful (getting to make all the decisions) and very tough (having to make all the decisions). John has not only been my sounding board all this time, but he has also contributed a lot of time & energy to L&H already. In May, he took off work for three days to help me during the National Stationery Show (my official debut) and before & during which he baked over 800 cookies for me to give out to buyers. (He makes a mean chocolate chip cookie, by the way.) Ever since the show, he's been helping me in ways I couldn't imagine being without. So after giving it some serious thought, we decided to give this a try and see how it goes being a husband & wife team. I'm a little nervous but a lot excited.

For the last four and half years, John has been working as a copywriter at an ad agency in New York. While he is a very talented writer, I also know him to be quite the little businessman. Like the time he bought a whole bunch of 60 cent ponchos before a Phish concert (oh how we loved Phish!) and sold them for $5. ps - who knew phans were so concerned with drenched cords and tank tops?

So while you won't see John writing on here (that's where I draw the line) or developing any new designs (okay, maybe that's where I draw the line) - it is my hope that you will start to see a bit more of L&H. Perhaps in your next craft or holiday fair - or at your favorite stationery store.

Today is a big big day and I could not be more excited (albeit a teensy bit nervous) about what this means for L&H and having John & I working together. Let the fights, I mean fun, begin!

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southern daze said...

What a wonderful and scary step! I wish you the best of luck and have to imagine that things will only get better with your true love by your side. Good luck and I look forward to seeing L&H products in a stationary store soon!