Thursday, September 20, 2007

Letterpress Workshop

John & I headed back to Frenchtown, NJ yesterday to visit Alan in his workshop. We learned a ton - like the term "frisket" - this little solution to the problem of inking on negative space:

After a few tweaks getting the plate to make an even impression, we were able to start printing - and printed a bunch of "Franks". Here's Alan inspecting our work:

I don't know if it was standing on our feet for hours or if it's because we are out of practice with the whole classroom learning situation - but we are exhausted after yesterday's visit.

Which is actually works out quite well, being exhausted. Today we head up to Maine to celebrate our first year anniversary in the state where we met and were married - and may move to one day - cause we're keeping the dream alive.

Have a happy weekend.

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MRC said...

Happy Anniversary!