Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Your Favorite Stores

Calling all paper people - and your favorite stores!

We're in the throws of all things Christmas these days over here in design land of L&H (that would be my desk), but waaaay over there on John's desk, we're making a master list of the stores we want to be in - and we're limited to what we know. So we'd love your recommendations of your favorite go-to stores for cards - whether they are all-things-paper kind of stores or boutiques with a small paper selection or online shops - whether they are in our hometown of Brooklyn or way up in Alaska. We'd love to hear where you buy your cards.

One of our newest stores is Hudson in Boston's South End. My dear friend Carrie loves this shop and suggested L&H to the owner - who has very good taste! Carrie actually got John & I the coolest glasses from Hudson for our wedding. I have been enjoying margaritas in them all summer! (Thanks, Care!) How great are these:


Jen said...

In Chicago, I would definitely recommend Greer - http://www.greerchicago.com

Alicia said...

In Boulder:
Two Hands Paperie
The Last Say

The latter two seem to sell more individual cards than boxed stationary but you never know. And I bet that your notepads would go over well! Good luck!

Totally had the same experience with Martha Stewart paint at Lowe's - only need one color but I somehow walked out with 20 paint chips!!

Liz Libré said...

Thanks Jen & Alicia! I am adding those to our list!

Jane said...

for chicago - i totally agree with the greer rec, and i would add paper doll (on division).

for milwaukee - broadway paper - but you know that already :)

Liz Libré said...

Thanks, Jane. I'll get in touch with those two this week, too!

MRC said...

I'm sure you've thought of it, but at home I'd target Little House Shop and French Lemon.
Let me have a think about some more places and I'll shoot you an email.

Anonymous said...

Boo! I look at your page every so often while I'm online! You guys should check out Fire Finch and A Thousand Faces in Nashville, TN. They are cute shops perfect for your cards. They are in the Hillsboro Village near Vandy and the Pancake Pantry and Fido the best coffee shop ever!

Anonymous said...

My suggestions for the Chesapeake Bay area....

-Chesapeake Trading Company (www.chesapeaketradingco.com )

-Coco & Co. (http://www.cocoandcompany.com/index.html)

-Harbor Palm (http://www.harborpalm.com/)