Friday, September 14, 2007

Where Have You Been?

Eaten by a polar bear? No.
Dropped off the face of the earth? Hope.
Broke all fingers and toes, thereby making it very painful and nearly impossible to type? Fortunately, no.

We have been without the internet for a whole week! Well, without is not exactly accurate. I get little windows of time at a painfully slow speed - like, if this post goes through, that will be a miracle. Time Warner came on Monday and told us that our line must have gotten cut somehow. Hmm, what exactly would that somehow be? Are our neighbors out there with scissors clipping white cable cords? I don't get it. And honestly, I am not completely confident they do either. But alas, they are coming again today to go through our neighbor's yard and look at the box. Fingers crossed this gets us up & running b/c let me tell you, my life (and I'm sure you all can relate) is not nearly as efficient or happy as when I have a high-speed connection.

If all goes well this afternoon at the box in our neighbor's yard, next week will be a good one for posts. There's lots to catch you up on, afterall... like what life is like working with John, Christmas designs are here - as well as a new notepad design, some new retailer announcements, and maybe a few pics of our rearranged workspace... oh, it'll be fun!

If all goes well...


Katie said...

It has been too long! Damn you Time Warner. Looking forward to the posts!

Anonymous said...

Glad to know everything is okay, I was feeling a bit fidgety. Have a fun weekend!

MRC said...

You've been missed!
What else am I supposed to do when I am at work if not read your blog?!

Jane said...

thank goodness! i hate when the internet goes out ... can't wait to see what you've been waiting to say.