Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Maine on My Mind

Fall is by far my favorite time of year - and there is no better place to spend a fall weekend than in Maine. It was a perfect weekend highlighted by perfect weather, perfect company and plenty of outdoor activities. It was the kind of weekend you wish you could put into a little box and hold on to. Have it on your shelf or desk so you can see it and be reminded of what it holds - but only you really know what's in there, what that experience meant to you and what its memory brings you. Once in a while, you can open it and get refreshed by the memory. I'd like a little reminder like that.

Okay enough Maine gushing... we did do a bit of business while we were in Maine. We met with our printer in Portland. I met Beth at the NYC stationery show back in May and she mentioned that they do letterpress printing. A couple months later, I got in touch with her and have been using her ever since. She & her partner George do an excellent job and have always been so nice to work with, so I was really excited to get to sit down and talk with them while we were up there. They are great. They are so down to earth and so clearly love what they do. I love that. We discussed paper options, ink colors, labels, letterpress cuts - and we got to see where and how everything works. It was an incredible experience and really made me feel more intimately connected to the whole process. I look forward to visiting them again soon. Maybe as neighbors.

I can tell already I'm going to have Maine on my mind all week.

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Anonymous said...

I just spent a week in Maine and I spent the whole time trying to figure out how I could move there.I really just wanted to stay to see the leaves finish turning.

Congrats on all your recent press, btw!