Friday, December 7, 2007

Fridays with John: Paperwhites Part 2

And now I've found myself writing about flowers...
See below for my now open-aired opinion about the lovely Narcissus papyraceus. When googling the topic, I found Liz's entry and one other that addressed the topic. A gardener from the DC area wrote about it in an appropriately titled blog post: Pee-Yeeuuu.
I've taken some solace in reading the comments that followed:
  • Pee-yuuu, but Pre-tty!
  • Personally, I hate paperwhites. A more sinister confession: I'm not even that fond of tulips. I mean, the leftover foliage! It's like a balding man with a comb-over.
  • Once someone pointed out to me that the smell of paperwhites was very close to that of burning electrical wiring, I have had problems with them.
  • The first time I forced paperwhites I walked around my house for a day or so going "what is that SMELL??"
  • The malodorous flower is pretty but not enough to grace this house. My wife bought a bunch to force for one time only and they now reside outside in the garden.
  • When I was given some blooming paperwhites I had the same experience of looking for an electrical problem and then thinking there was something stinky in the garbage...I've avoided them ever since.
  • My son thought the ones on my desk smelled like model airplane glue.
  • I was wondering if I happened to buy a pot that was pee-d upon or something. My den stinks of urine.
I might not quite be in good company, but at least I'm not the only one with thoughts about this so-called "exclusive fragrance."

Have a great weekend.

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Chelsea said...

Ha! This is so funny:)