Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Our New Neighbor

It doesn't seem right to say what I'm about to say below this adorable little guy, but... I hate cats. Okay, maybe hate is too strong. And I have liked a few in the past. There was DD, Jasmine, Lilly, and Kitty. But that's about it. (That's a lot, I guess.) But these days, I'm all about dogs.

That is, until the neglected cat next door started meowing so loud, my Holiday Road music wouldn't drown it out. John, being the kind soul that he is, decided to put out a plate of turkey and some water. It didn't take long for the thing to come and gobble it all down. And when it did, John cracked the door to try to make peace, and it bit him! I nearly had Earl Gray coming out of my nose. Sensitive, I know. But John went from feeling so sorry for this little guy, to slamming the door in the frozen cat's face.

I spent most of the day yesterday convincing John he doesn't haven't rabies. Apparently, if the cat dies in 10 days, we have a problem. So now, we're suddenly obsessed with keeping this cat alive. I'll keep you posted.


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I remember your cats...they were pretty darn cute and I am not a fan normally.